Calm in the Urban Environment

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Calm in the Urban Environment urban environmentBringing the pleasing musical sounds of the natural world, through the Music of the Plants U1 device, transforms the atmosphere of any urban space; be it an office, hotel lobby, waiting room, restaurant, store or other urban area.



hotel lobby close-up pdJust imagine using this device to ‘cool’ the chaotic atmosphere of large corporate or commercial spaces. Public institutions, schools, offices and halls: any place, where the public gathers in numbers, can benefit from the Music of the Plants U1 device. The neutral and relaxing music of the plants works to bring calm to these spaces, whether the public is aware of the origin or not.


office lobby pdEnvironmental groups have used this device at large ‘green’ events to educate and remind everyone that we are a part of nature and nature is a part of us. Botanical gardens, nurseries, public parks natural history and science museums have all used the sounds of the plants to pique the curiosity of the public and open a dialogue about nature and the issues of climate change and the environment.


People deeply crave a connection with Nature in urban areas. The Music of the Plants U1 device is a powerful tool to remind us that Nature is all around us, even in the city. restaurant patio pd