Home and Personal Expression

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Home and Personal Expression


blue garden bench pdBringing the Music of the Plants U1 device into the personal space of your home or garden is to have a profound and intimate encounter with the natural world than can change your world view forever. Having your favourite plants create soothing, yet invigorating music in your home is an unforgettable experience that leads to an ever-deepening sense of connection and awareness of the intelligence of the natural world.


orchids pdPerhaps you have trouble sleeping at night or need to unwind from the stress of the work day. Listening to and feeling the peaceful vibrations of your plants is to enter your own personal sanctuary. The sweet, healing music of the plants has been found to be helpful for those who suffer from trauma or depression.


lmj.24a.myftpupload.com jade plant musicDo you talk to your plants? Wouldn’t it be amazing to hear them communicate back to you! To witness their music is to make a deeply interactive and transformative connection with the plant realm.


Are you a musician or artist? Throughout the world, ever more exciting collaborations with plants are occurring as art installations or unique musical creations.


plants in home pd