We invite you to give nature a new, intimate voice.


Plants and trees create wondrous music! The Music of the Plants U1 device is a cutting-edge electronic device that registers the inner ‘biorhythmic’ impulses of a plant and transforms this into profoundly moving music. Creating this sensitive device has been a labour of love for over 40 years for a committed group of plant lovers within the intentional community of Damanhur, in northern Italy.


Part bio-feedback machine, part synthesizer, the device has two electrodes that are connected to the plant. One electrode is connected into the root zone of the plant, the other is gently placed on a leaf. After a few moments of the device adjusting itself to the frequency of the plant, the music begins …..


lmj.24a.myftpupload.com jade plant music


Listening, for the first time, to the joyful music the plants are creating in front of your eyes is a profound and humbling experience. To us, it was life-changing. We have always had, (and we suspect most everyone has had) this intuitive sense that Nature and the plant realm is aware and intelligent. But to listen to and feel the peaceful, flowing sounds coming from these plants is to witness something truly extraordinary!


What is even more remarkable is that the plant becomes self-aware of the music they are creating, resulting in music that is ever more ‘full’ and harmonious over time.


It is our hope that the Music of the Plants U1 Device will reawaken the sense that we are all a part of Nature and that plants and trees are our fellow beings.


Come experience this unique and interactive connection to the natural world!


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