emeraldvoices.ca U1 device with bamboo


Music of the Plants U1 device


Part bio-feedback machine, part synthesizer, the device has two electrodes that connect to the plant. One electrode is connected into the root zone of the plant, the other is gently placed on a leaf. After a few moments of the device adjusting itself to the frequency of the plant, the music begins …..


The Music of the Plants U1 device has an impressive 4-octave range output of musical notes and can be used on every type of plant from small potted plants to large trees.


This patented, Italian-made electronic device has a 2-yr. manufacturers’ warranty. Just like any portable device (ipod, etc.), you can use a stereo audio cord (included) to connect this unit to your sound system.


Includes a 10′ electrode cord, an instruction booklet, and 6’ stereo audio cable.

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