Wellness Centers

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Wellness Centers


wellness pdThe peaceful, soothing music created by plants through the Music of the Plants U1 device is sure to help the healing ambiance of your spa, yoga studio or wellness center. Your clients will immediately feel the relaxing and energizing musical vibrations of the plants in your space as they hear the soothing, healing musical sounds of the plants floating in the air.

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Take your clients’ experience of healing to a new level of wholeness. People overwhelmingly experience a sense of serenity and healing from hearing and feeling the unique musical frequencies of the plants.


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Are you an acupuncturist, chiropractor, massage therapist, medical doctor, clinical psychologist or other health practitioner? The Music of the Plants U1 device helps improve the healing experience of your space.


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Do you work with children? Having plants play music to them delights and uplifts their natural sense of curiosity and fun.